Android – Killing an App is Crazy

Why kill apps? I’m an Android developer. And I ask you, why would you kill apps? Your reasoning for killing apps to save battery life is irrational and illogical. It’s impossible for an app designer to accommodate their app being killed in most instances! Killing an app can potentially cause the app to not work especially if the app is dependent on services and broadcast receivers registered in the manifest.

Conclusions: Unless your a developer, or a power use DO NOT KILL APPS!

If you don’t like the app, or the app is causing a problem UNINSTALL IT, REMOVE IT, but DO NOT KILL IT unless you fully understand that you can be causing the device and the application to malfunction.

One thought on “Android – Killing an App is Crazy”

  1. Ummm not just battery… there is the matter of apps that start on boot and never exit, and if killed restart themselves and given what they are one wonders why. Enough of those (and many are apps that come with a phone no less that one rarely ever uses, but can’t remove (I should say, most people can’t or don’t know how anyway) as they are flagged as system apps.) This has quite the negative impact on the system performance, wasting free memory and driving the load avg through the roof.

    Just a thought as to why some may do it aside from battery life.

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