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Shady SMS 22.04

312) Added 4 new custom icons. See the bottom of the main settings to configure the new custom notification icons

1) In the main settings is a button at the bottom \”Settings Explanation\”.
2) The call mask feature, and dummy texts are disabled by default now.
3) Set custom notification sounds in the main setting!

311) Fixed up the main settings explanation dialog accessible via the button at the bottom of the main settings
310) Dummy texts are off by default now
309) Added option to the main settings to enable missed call notifications. This option is useful for use with send to voicemail. Most phones send a notification for calls sent to voicemail, others do not
308) By default custom notification icons are off. The default Android SMS icon is now used. Custom notification icons can be turned on in the main settings
307) Added uncaught exception handler to messager, and contact list to catch anything not caught in a thread itself. It will automatically attach the stack trace to an email, please send it to me as everything is pre populated!
306) Added exception handling to login broadcast receiver just in case somehow the outgoing number is null. Go figure sometimes it is and it crashes Shady, but no more

Shady SMS 22.02

Shady’s server crashed hard today. Luckily I have many backups, although many comments were lost on the blog :(. 21.02’s code was thoroughly backed up. A shame that I did about 2 hours of work on 21.03, which I am still trying to recover, but I think its gone. The following is what I changed, and will need a bit of time to recode:

1) The default notification icon will be the default icon of Android

2) I added exception handling for the login broadcast receiver to prevent strange crashing when the outgoing number is somehow null

3) I added a default exception handler for all threads to generate an email with the stack trace

4) I cleaned up the settings explanation in the main settings

21.02 includes:

305) Made the call mask feature optional because of its unpredictable behavior. The call mask creates a real contact on the fly, after the call is received but before the phone actually rings. Because of the millisecond timing required for this feature, slower phones usually don’t perform well. If the call mask was generated after the phone rang it would not work, and most likely would generate a blank contact in the real contact list, a little annoying but not a deal breaker. You can turn this option on in the main settings
304) When Shady receives a video it cannot be filtered because of Android OS limitations, particular SDK shortcoming. Shady will no longer delete the message as it was doing before, it will only add a message to the Shady contacts thread saying that video filtering cannot be supported

Shady SMS 21.95

Tonights update includes a reversion of the SMS filtering code to a very stable state. No more missed filtering!

301) Shady has reached 32,000+ lines of code!

***) Shady is now optimized, compressed, and obfuscated

300) Now the contact list background is removed and added in the onstart and onstop, which will improve memory management

299) Moved the sent SMS broadcast receiver unregistration code to the ondestroy, which will allow the bar to be updated even if you move the messager to the background

298) When the messager was closing the default open message thread was set to zero, which would cause undesirable behavior

297) Now the messager stays alive in the background when pressing the home button

296) Removed override for onrotate, which should fix phones with sliding keyboards
295) Added additional condition to incoming MMS thread content observer reactivation code
294) Extracted all main settings, contact menu, and address dialog cleanup code and placed in contact list ondestroy
293) Removed delivery reports for the time being, they may be revisited in the future
292) Reverted incoming SMS dialog to the 16th, which was a completely stable version
291) Removed memory management in contact menu dialog

Shady SMS 21.87

Tonights update includes:

Timing is of the utmost importance with regard to proper thread behavior. Many timing adjustments have been made to ensure several things; 1) That the message sent bar updates properly, 2) That incoming SMS messages don’t overlap, 3) That outgoing SMS messages don’t overlap, 4) That re-drawing the messager screen does not overlap with 1, 2, and 3.

290) Added previously removed 1 sec delay in the very beginning of the incoming SMS thread. Silent, but very necessary

289) Fixed bug in contact menu dialog memory management

288) The messager’s edit text now starts without focus, which may fix a crash on devices with slide out keyboards
287) Substantially improved sent SMS bar response time

286) Added concurrent incoming SMS message detection, apparently something similar happens as compared to MMS temp messages, which was overlooked previously
285) Added 1 second delay to end of incoming SMS thread
284) Extended send SMS after thread delay to 3 seconds
283) Increased send SMS overlapping message delay to 2 seconds to improve sent message reporting
282) Increased SMS table check to 1.25 seconds, and delete SMS delay to 1.25 seconds (changed 280)
281) The best concurrent incoming MMS filtering code yet, as a coder the log tags really look great, this code is smart!!!

Shady SMS 21.80

Todays update includes:

280) Added additional 1 second delay before deleting Shady SMS messages in an attempt to stabilize the algorithm
279) Additional memory managment of contact menu dialog
278) Tweaked memory management of contact menu dialog per a crash report today. The cleanup now takes place 4 seconds after the dialog is closed using a thread and a pause
277) Tweaked failed SMS download code in the incoming SMS thread
276) Removed premature Android cloud backup code, which causes a strange crash today

Shady SMS 21.79

This morning update includes:

275) Verizon was having trouble with SMS messaging tonight. The SMS broadcast receiver was firing, but the message was never added to the SMS content provider. Because of this I added a 10 second timeout. If the broadcast receiver fires, and no message is added to the SMS content provider, the incoming SMS filter thread will break as if no message was received. This was preventing Shady from sending messages. To properly handle this situation a message will be added to the contacts thread stating that the carrier failed to deliver the message to the phone, and that the contact should be notified that the message wasnt received
274) Faster SMS message processing (progress bar)
273) Idiot proofed the removal of the 3 default background. Shady defaults back to the Leaf background
272) Forgot to set the default MMS icon to custom, as per the default main settings configuration