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Verizion – Side by Side with at&t Coverage Map

Will Nasty Ad Campaign against AT&T Do Verizon Any Good?

I like this map. It really shows how poor at&t’s coverage is. I had at&t for a long time, and I would get dropped calls on my iPhone. I would call at&t all the time and the rep would say that its not in your contract that at&t guarantees service. So basically I had bad service, would get 10 dropped calls per day, and at&t says the service is fine. They would continuously point to the coverage map saying my area has full service. How do they explain the dropped calls? At&t would say they don’t guarantee service.

This map speaks for the nation. And even the local coverage is the same. I have no problem with a company not supporting particular areas. But at&t would continuously point to the local coverage map of my area, and say I have full coverage. The map is not correct. I talk more about my local map in a previous post.

At&t versus Verizon – To Coverage or not to Coverage

I had an iPhone. I had at&t. I no longer have an iPhone. I no longer have at&t. I posted a while ago an at&t coverage map of my neighborhood. At&t says there is coverage. There is not coverage; at least not what is claimed. The map is not correct. The map says there is full coverage. There is not full coverage. I menition in my previous post that is may be that the iPhone requires a much stronger cell phone signal to function properly. This may be the case, but there are also complete dead spots. The dead spots are not on the map. How did they make the map? Im my house at&t service is at 1-3 bars, and would cause the phone to drop calls. I could not drive through town without getting a dropped call. Yet at&t still has the same coverage map on their website.

I actually called customer service so the call would drop with them on the phone. I called soooo many times, and the call dropped sooooo many times, that they actually game be a $200 credit that I used to cancel my account. I am now with Verizon, have a Blackberry Storm, and am very happy. I miss the iPhone, I like the Blackberry, and in the end you can never have the best of both worlds.

Droid – iPhone – Storm – They all Rock

Hey, don’t get me wrong the new Droid sounds pretty cool. It has the new Android 2.0 software, which is an improvement, or next generation of the original Android software introduced by Google a while back on T Mobile’s network. I like Google products. I like Verizon products. Mixing the two together makes a product I like even more. I played with the original Android software several months ago, and I though it was smooth and functional. I like the notion of an app store, but then comes the competition. Blackberry is keeping up with the herd, and even other manufacturers like Samsung are doing a good job.

Clearly the iPhone was the original app store. It was the first relatively powerful touchscreen/smart-phone/pda/everything unit. Then came, I think, the original Android phones, then came the Blackberry storm. Blackberry just came out with its own update, 5.0. Let me tell you that the new software for the Storm is a tremendous improvement. I had lag issues with the original software, and the new update completely eliminates all memory problems. Clearly Blackberry updates memory management. RIM also has the Blackberry app world, which is comparable in all accounts to iPhone’s app store, and the Android apps. The only difference is the size of the software repository, being that iPhone has hundreds of thousands of apps. Blackberry Appworld has some nice apps, and I haven’t really checked out Android apps, but I would imagine they are comparable in many aspects.

I can speak from experience on the iPhone, and the Blackberry Storm. They both have features that anyone would want in their phone. The iPhone is a mobile applications device, it does everything and everything. It plays games, and has all kinds of apps to enhance business and productivity. The Blackberry does as well. Albeit the games are not as advanced, but the key business applications are all there. The thing about the Blackberry, that blows the iPhone out of the water, is its connectivity. It is simply a mobile communications powerhouse. With your Blackberry you are connected, period. You have email, sms, mms, and instant messaging all rolled into a single ‘message’ folder. Throw in Facebook comments, twitter updates, and probably everything else under the sun. All these messages can be directed to your messages folder, literally consolidating your communications universe into a single button on a mobile device. Right now there is nothing that compares to the connectivity provided by the Blackberry. And the Storm is a touchscreen.

I like the Storm because I came from the iPhone. I was never a querty keyboard kinda guy. I like touchscreen keyboards, and the Blackberry does it right with the surepress technology. It’s smart. Two letters one button; you don’t miss the keys and the software gets it right most of the time. It even starts to pick up your slang after a while.

In the end each manufacturer will have their niche. One one will have something you wish to be a feature in another phone, and visa versa. We will never have the best of both worlds.

Wait, I said the iPhone was awesome, the worst thing about the iPhone is the networtk. I didn’t mention why I left the iPhone. I left because I was geting over 10 dropped calls per day, and no signal in my house. At&t has a horrible network compared to Verizon. The at&t map for my neighborhood says full coverage. Then why would I drive through town getting dropped calls in at least three locations I can think of off the top of my head. At one point I was calling at&t so I would be on the phone with support just to get a dropped call with them on the line. In the end I called at&t sooooo much, that they gave me a $200 credit because they saw how many dropped calls I was getting, especially the fact that I was calling tech support for the dropped calls themselves. I used the $200 credit to resolve the cancellation fee for my phone. At&t should update their converage maps to be correct! They are not correct! It may be the case that the iPhone needs a stronger than average signal to have uninterrupted communications, and there it stands apart from other “regular” phones. Therefore, because the iPhone is at&t’s flagship product, at&t should have a coverage map specific to the iPhone.

At&t Coverage Map

This coverage map is not correct for the iPhone. It simply does not get full coverage. It gets 1-3 bars, and it will quickly jump from 3 bars to 1 bar. And in 3 spots the signal drops entirely.

iPhone 3.1.2 Jailbroken to use any Carrier – Does it Matter?

iphone OS 3.1.2 has been jailbroken again, allowing users to do whatever they like with the gadgets they’ve bought.[Source]

The iPhone can use any carrier particularly TMobile instead of at&t. I had an iPhone for a long time, but ultimately the GSM bottleneck of the device is a tremendous downfall. On at&t MMS took unnecessarily too long, and I cant tell you how many times my calls were dropped. At one point I was calling tech support just so the call would drop with them on the phone. I called for a month traight, toward the end of my at&t experience, resulting in over 10 dropped called per day. Ultimately I got a rep that credited me $200 because of the amount of dropped calls. I was doing pizza delivery at the time, and literally could not drive through town without getting a dropped call. I used the $200 credit to cancel my acount without having to pay the early contract termination fees. Worked like a charm!

The worst thing is the at&t map says there is full coverage in my neighborhood. That was relative bullshit. I say relative because I also used another at&t phone, that was operating at 1 bar, but the calls did not drop. Apparently the iPhone requires a stronger signal strength as compared to other more simple phones.

I eventually jailbroke my phone, but did not have good experience with TMobile either. I ended up ditching the iPhone, even though I loved and still love it, for Verizon. I went with the Blackberry storm.

I still have my iPhone with a TMobile prepaid sim card. Its a $10 prepaid sim card, and the iPhone has full edge internet access for three months at a time, resulting in a net cost of $3 per month.

I rarely use the iPhone, but I still love it. I also love my Blackberry. There is no winning and you can never have the best of both worlds.

In this post I show an at&t coverage map of my neighborhood that is completely incorrect.

iPhone 3.0 – Winterboard Memory Usage Bug Fixed

I turned off Winterboard recently to resolve a tremendous memory usage problem. This problem has been fixed with an update today to Winterboard and mobile substrate. Today is July 8’th and with Winterboard enabled the iPhone springboard is responsive and applications are no longer lagging to an unusable state. Thank you developers. What use is an iPhone if it is not modifiable, tweakable, and generally enhanceable. MMS still doesn’t work, and 3G sucks in my neighborhood!!!!!!!! Thank you at&t, geeeez.

iPhone 3.0 – at&t – No MMS – June 2009

The new iPhone OS3.0 is here. It is completely useless upon its initial release. It was supposed to bring MMS support. Every other feature, ie. clipboard and search has been available via Cydia for a looooong time now, but the MMS was blocked by at&t. Now with the new OS3.0 here at&t still does not support MMS. This is the only substantial reason to upgrade. 3.0 has not been jailborken yet so now users do not have theming features, which pretty much leaves millions of iPhone users very angry. Its simply incredible the service provided by at&t. 3G is fast, but there is never reception. I mean there is NEVER reception. Sure if your standing in one place youll get reception, but when I drive through town and pass Main Street, and Central Drive bam the signal goes to Zero. and then when I pass Main Street and Shore Road, bam signal goes to zero; call dropped. Reception in Plandome, lol never had it; its simply incredible. Now since at&t is the only official provider of iPhone service in the US, why would Apple issue and update for features that are not even supported by the only official provider? Its counter intuitive, and a guaranteed way to make customers unhappy, or further unhappy with the service provided by at&t. This only leads more and more people to look into unlocking there phone to work with other providers to bypass the monopoly at&t has on the iPhone. Wouldn’t at&t say to Apple, waiiiiit we are not ready for the update!! There is no coordination behind the scenes. The same thing applies to the 3G rollout. Why would at&t sell a phone claiming that the phone is twice as fast, when the service provider cannot provide adequate reception. The claim should be the iPhone 3G is twice as fast, when you can get a signal.