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5 Ways to Save Businesses Big Bucks, Enhance Security and Evolve


Electricity is one of the biggest expenditures in the business world. Surpassed only by procurement, and human resources; reducing the amount of power consumed by electrical appliances can save a company millions. The first thing to do is configure your computers as thin clients. A computer can consume 30 or more watts each. If a Corporation has thousands of computers, and a thin client uses 50-75% less energy, then that translates directly to a 50-75% reduction in the utility bill. There might be a setup cost associated with 10,000 new thin client terminal, but that will be made back within the first year of use.

1) To implement a thin client setup the Corporation can use a Microsoft Windows product, which would cost money and be counter productive. The economical choice is to use Linux, and an out of the box setup can be achieved using Ubuntu. Talk about killing two birds with one stone; using Linux will eliminate the costly expenditure of anti virus subscriptions that all corporations have.


2) By implementing Linux the cost of maintenance will be dramatically reduced. You can have Linux machine running for years without serious security problems, and the entire update process can be completely automated and centralized to the thin client server. A corporation can significantly cut their maintenance costs with a thin client setup.

Most database applications nowadays are browser based therefore Linux is perfectly compatible with most existing systems. Firefox works on all Linux systems.

3) After switching to a Linux thin client server, all those pesky Windows license keys can be resold to needy customers. Theoretically the corporation can recoup several thousands of dollars, if not 10’s.


4) Then the old energy inefficient hardware can be resold, or donated to a organization of good will. Either an economical or philanthropic plus.

5) Then security can be enhanced by enforcing an outbound firewall to block all but the needed ports. Theoretically only several ports, clearly port 80, port 25, and several others need to be open. This will dramatically reduce the risks even if a computer becomes infected with a virus. Bye bye Norton, or Symantec. Save that 10-50k per year subscription fee.

Overall there are many reason to convert to Linux and some of the reasons are priceless. You really cannot put a cost savings on potential security risks, which is one of the biggest selling points of Linux. Ubuntu is free, how can that be beaten?

So all you tech savvy, under appreciated employees out there start dreaming up ways to approach the right people in your company with a way to save them million. If thousands of you draft presentations and attempt to talk to higher ups, at least one of you will hit a jackpot. Why not let that one person be you.

Entrepreneurs – Business Plans – Patents – You Can’t Even Start Without $10,000

Vista of a CityIf you are an entrepreneur, 25 or younger, and do not have at least $10,000 available your dreams are definitely going to be put on hold. Unless you are fully capable of creating an extensive business plan, or a patent, by yourself, you need substantial buckaroonies to get started. A business plan, from a credible and capable firm will cost you about $10,000. With a concrete business plan you can most likely get funding. With funding you business can begin. Patents are a whole other story. They also require about $10,000 – $20,000. The bottom line is unless you have uncommon drafting abilities, or an extra $10,000, being an entrepreneur in America is a futile endeavor.