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A Breakdown of Healthcare

Our Leaders

Healthcare boils down to a simple situation. For the average working american, that puts in most likely over 40 hours per week, the cost of healthcare is expensive. The over $200 dollars per month for the Healthy New York plan, with Blue Cross Blue Sheild, can be upwards of 20-25% of a net months income. It is expensive for the customer, and sometimes the customer will want to forgo insurance to make a relative increased salary of 20-25%. Hey 20-25% is a lot of money. Then if something happens to the person they go to the emergency room and the government picks up the tab for free.

The other end of the system is the amount of money a doctor wants to get paid. If insurance wants to pay a doctor less money rather than more, the doctor will be unhappy and might not accecpt that particular insurance plan. But we want the doctor to be happy, they are providing care for our health. Therefore we would want our insurance companies to pay the amount of money the doctor wants to provide a particular treatment. Quite a dilema in an age when everyone wants to save money, which ultimately translate into paying doctors less.

The problem lies in doctors that want to make large amount of money to provide their services. Doctors needs to be in the industry because they want to help people. If they are in it only for the money then the health care problem will only get worse, because they will only want more and more money. The problem is systemic. Many people go to school to be doctors only for ther money, but they shouldbe encouraged to go to help people, understanding the a primary problem with health care is the overdesire for monetary compensation.

Although it could be argued that doctors should get paid large amounts of money. But that cost will ultimately come out of the pockets of working Joes that are having trouble paying the bills as it is.

The problem is systemic and I don’t see a particular solution. The only way to resolve the situation is demanding a moral standard of upcoming doctors. They have to desire to help without with wanting huge compensation. But then we have to consider the 250-500 thousand dollars most doctors pay to go to med school. That is simply a huge number.

Once again I don’t see a particular soluation at this time to ensure that people are getting the best of quality care, for the lowest price possible. Frankly is seems like a contradiction.