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Trash Icon on Desktop – Gnome

Using gconf-editor navigate to applications – nautilus – desktop. There are a couple of icons you can select to show on the desktop including “computer”, “home”, and “trash”.


Zero Engineering Jobs in America

I have been out of school for 2 years now, and was not employed for my senior year of college. I still cannot get a reasonable job. There are zero engineering jobs in America! There are no computer jobs in America. I have applied for hundred upon hundreds of jobs.,, they are completely useless. Either I am a complete loser, or something is dreadfully wrong with this country. I have a tremendous background in computers. I run my own servers. I write my own html/xhtml websites. I used to think I was simply a loser, but that conclusion cannot be the case simply because I have a tremendous background filled with computer, and other experience. Maybe I should move to India, so an America company can outsource a job to me! Hello America, wake up; when a recent college graduate cannot get a reasonable job something is dreadfully wrong!


Computer Information – Software Versions

To retreive relatively useful information about software versions use the version proc. It will tell you your kernel, gcc, and OS version. For instance an up to date Debian Etch should read 4.1.1-21 or greater. To view the version proc use cat: cat /proc/version