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6:30 AM – The Start of Another Day

Work, a necessity, but it is also a drain on a persons self esteem. Having to wake up, start another day, only for it to end having made barely enough money to to do it all over again tomorrow. To get ahead in these troubled economic times an employee needs to make well over $25,000 per year. Minimum wage, hahaha, with a salary like this two jobs are necessary to merely survive in America; especially NYC. With a minimum wage salary a person needs to work well over 14 hours per day to not even make good money. 14 hours per day means no time for yourself, no time for your family, and no time for a relationship. What can a person do; if they speak up to their boss they jeopardize the availability of their job, but if nothing is said then everything continues. Maybe the boss cannot pay more, but maybe the boss is a greedy son of a bitch that likes cheap labor to profit as much as possible. Anyone working for minimum wage with no health benifits (no nothing) has a boss that can’t give a shit less about you. This is a conundrum facing countless people in this country right now. What can be done, what has to be done, because 14 hour days filled with stress and depression will lead this country and its die hard employees over a cliff.