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How Tough to be With Your Boss

It completely depends on how much leverage you have. If you perform a service that absolutely, undeniably cannot be replaced by someone else then you have the most leverage possible. I will elaborate on my current situation in that I provide computer services to a company that pays be $12.50 per hour. I can basically do a lot for them in that I can make web servers (Windows, and Linux) as well as graphics design, (x)html coding, the integration of fancy javascripts and a slew of other services; no way in a million years they will find another tech savvy Engineer to work here for this salary. There were two employees previous to me Emil was first, and he wanted 30$ per hour to do a fraction of the work that I am currently doing. I saw a document on the companies computer that detailed what he was going to do for that particular salary; wow. Then came Mike, I’ve heard that he was not very good and various things; ie. slow ect… I don’t know weather he was fired or not, but his salary was definitely comparable to my current salary. Although I doubt that he has a college degree and nearly the functionality that I provide to the company. I am just documenting in my blog how I feel about the services I provide my current employer, considering the salary of receive in return. Its a joke. When I worked as an intern on the Williamsburg Bridge there was a computer tech guy sitting in the office all day long. He did absolutely nothing. He waited for people to have tech problems, which was rare; otherwise he was relaxing all day long. I have no doubt that his salary was relatively tremendous as compared to my current salary. he was probably receiving well over 20$ per hour, and since it was for a Engineering consulting firm he was most definitely receiving health and other benefits. My situation is a joke compared to this, being that I provide services that are on a whole other level. There are people receiving hundred if not thousands of dollars per day for website design, and management; this is what I provide this company. And that’s just for design, and management. Graphics design is a whole other level, and they receive thousands for quality time intensive work. What about the catalogs of hundreds of pages that I work on for this company. I finished on catalog that is over 140 pages, and started another that will be more. I am so sick of doing such work for such pay; I do not intend to finish the second catalog.

Brown’s Gas Wikipedia Article – Academia – Citation – The Works

I use this blog to talk about my computer experience, and have stuck rather strict to this theme, but I must digress slightly. First and foremost Wikipedia is the 9’th most visited website in the world according to Alexa; exposure is king. For years there has been a debate on the Brown’s Gas information to be included in the online encyclopedia, with not much progress being made. Then I decided to pull together all the documents I’ve collected over the years, and viola, a properly sourced encyclopedic article. It really clarifies many misconceptions about Brown’s Gas. It’s a well rounded, and thorough article covering design, efficiency, and an assortment of popular claims.

Content is King – Website Design Novelty

Even if your website is going to exist in an already occupied market, you should attempt to make it as unique and novel as possible. You should your vision of the project, and every attempt should be made to customize, and tailor the designs and content, to establish originality. Google and all search engines are designed to scour for originality and present it to the surfing public for analysis and then inclusion in search results. SEO is important to consider in addition to content; for Google to properly crawl your content your page should be free of errors according to, at minimum, W3C analysis. Originality begins with your personality, and the best way to create original content is to surf the net. As you come across things of interest ideas may emerge in your mind. These ideas are the roots of a successful blog. Post your ideas, and consider them documentation. A blog is a way of storing the many ideas of your mind that are typically lost to the depths of your imagination.

Web Site Design – Free

It all starts with good html/xhtml coding. You can find great free website templates, to start with, at Yes you can pay lots of money to professional website design companies, but you can also edit your website for free, by yourself. The popular graphical website editing program NVU is fully capable of customizing any template to your liking. Overall why pay money right away, when you can give a graphical editing program a chance. You may find it easier than you think 🙂