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VirtualBox Manager Pro – Slowww Pace

Ok, I see what people mean about Android apps being extremely slow compared to iPhone apps. I’ve had about 315 downloads of the free version, and a whopping 5 downloads of the paid version. This by all means is exciting for the first week of distribution, but if thinks don’t pick up to some degree there will be no more reason to invest time and effort into the app. It would be more logical to begin another, more viral app that could sell more copies.

Also, users are extremely annoying when they leave negative comments for a bug, then do not update the comment when the bug is fixed. The nice thing about the Android market is that you can mark any comment as spam, and frankly a comment that was left about a bug that no longer exists is definitely spam.

I expect, and hope that Google updates the market establishing better standards. It would be nice to develop for the Android full time, but currently that is not even a consideration.

Yahoo – The Original Crumbles – Kinda

Yahoo reported a net loss of $303 million, or 22 cents a share, compared with a profit of $206 million, or 15 cents a share, a year ago. Yahoo said it incurred $108 million in charges related to severance of employees and $488 million in write-downs of some of its European assets. [REFERENCE]

The original king of the search engines, Yahoo is getting battered even more. When Microsoft wanted to buy Yahoo the decision was a big NO. Now, from Yahoo’s perspective, that sale would have been the best decision possible. With the stock a mere fraction of the value it was last year Yahoo has a lot of rebuilding to do. If rebuilding is possible at all with all the competition. The main competition is Google. One advantage Yahoo has is advertising on its homepage. Google has always had a simple homepage with no advertisements. Nor has Google provided the various tidbits of information Yahoo is famous for on its homepage. I still believe in Yahoo as a good product, and although there is a tremendous amount of competing search engines the main power of Yahoo comes from its history; it was the first. I don’t think Yahoo will sell; especially at the low price its at. I think they will try and rebuild to some degree, and then maybe in the future a sale is possible. For now they will remain a separate entity try to expand on the territory they they still control.

Google Adsense Profit – LOL

Dare I write a post about this topic. Google Adsense profits, is there such a thing. Is it possible. There are over 500 posts of original content in this blog, is it a money maker? I won’t give a direct answer, but the answer is implied. It is obvious, and intuitive how to be a success; thousands of pages, thousands if not millions of pageviews, and a 1% clickthrough rate. How many people have achieved this? How many people have written thousands of blog entries? How many people receive millions of hits per day? This blog has excellent Google indexing primarily because I deal with Linux topics and there are relatively few Linux focused blogs that are SEO optimized. I get the speciality clicks where someone is searching Google for something in particular. This crowd that I am attracting is internet and computer savvy and they are most likley not going to click on a stupid Google ad. What can be done to change this? I ask because the answer is not clear, and I do not know. I would like to change this situation; while I do like maintaining my blog to provide free applicable and pertinent information to the Linux community, it does not bring in a substantial income. I have an Electrical Engineering degree. The US technological economy is dead, especially in New York. There are basically no high paying jobs with benifits, and there are also few regular minimum wage jobs. It cannot just be my luck, there has to be other people in a comparable situation. Right about now I would like to make some money online. Without saying how much I was making a couple of months ago, I would like to return to those numbers; and god if you listen to people talking on the internet can I return to those number and maybe more 🙂

Google Rules – Microsoft and Yahoo Try to Keep Up

Google is at the top of the food chain. There is a huge list of competitors from all over the world, but none even come close to the widespread use of Goolgle Adwords,and Adsense. Yahoo has a marketing system of their own, and so does Microsoft, but the incentive to use these systems is not great. Google is synonymous with the web, and anyone who uses the internet knows who Google is. Therefore most people use Google for their internet searching. People who use Google see the paid search results on the right, and top of the screen and those who want to start a website will first think of Google for their marketing, and advertising needs.

While Microsoft and Yahoo! engage in their odd mating ritual, they are benefiting the very company that is driving them to seek partners. Internet advertisers can’t figure out what the two companies will look like in six months, so search leader Google is set to profit from the confusion. (reference)

The question is why choose a company that is barely competitive when you can choose a company (Google) that is guaranteed to be effective, and potentially profitable. For the foreseeable future Google will remain strong. It will take a long time for a major competitor to emerge. Google is creative, and bold with their web based software and their Adsense/Adwords programs continue to provide outstanding services to websites.

AdBrite Google Adsense Integration – Tips Tricks Experiences

Of all the advertising networks I prefer AdBrite because you can integrate Google Adsense. AdBrite will display in the same fashion as Google Adsense ads, and will only display ads when they are valued greater. Therefore you are able to maximize monetization, while maintaining consistent appearance. The most important thing about ads is their placement. You want them to look appropriately placed, center aligned preferably unless your graphical arrangements are asymmetric. Of superior importance is W3C compliance. At minimum your blog should be 100% W3C compliant. Then, and only then should you begin to work on the content, and additional features. Also diversify. If your blog is about a particular topic, do not fear straying slightly. This can grow your audience, and increase your relative internet exposure. Overall there are many factors that contribute to a successful blog. In general they are intuitive, and have a logical foundation. Vaguely you want your blog to be attractive, provide quality information, function smoothly, change pages consistently and have substantial UPTIME. 

Google Keyword Targeting

The title of a webpage is a critical piece required for desirable search engine inclusion. Your targeted keywords should be in the first three words of your page title. This should be for every page. Also your keywords should be scattered appropriately throughout your blog post, which is consistent with a blog post they conveys useful information consistent with the title. Notice the keywords chosen for the title tag of this blog post; I searched Google for “Google Keyword Targeting” and there were approximately 1,900,000 results, which is a relatively low number. For search results of such a low magnitude even a website with a relatively low PR will be able to achieve reasonable inclusion, and potentially top 10 ranking.