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KDE Desktop Option – Various Environments

Now that I can logout to GDM I have realized a couple of things. The first thing is that Ubuntu 9.10 does not support modification of GDM. This must be because of various changes / upgrades. But there is no option to install themes or modifications in any graphical way. I’m not working really hard to figure out how to modify things, but I’m not incredibly disappointed with the way things look or work.

I also installed KDE. It installs easy on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

Then on the GDM it gives you a desktop session option. Toggle the drop down menu, and log in as normal to an alternative desktop environment. KDE is a nice change, I have been using Gnome for the longest time. Things work entirely different on KDE, and it will give me an opportunity to investigate something new.

Evolution on Kubuntu

I have used Gnome for such a long time that all my emails are stored in the .evolution configuration folder. With a default Kubuntu installation Evolution is obviously not installed because it is a Gnome application. This is not a problem, as you can do a single apt-get command to install Evolution and all associated Gnome dependencies. The Ubuntu repositories are set up extremely well, and most of the time all dependencies will resolve perfectly. sudo apt-get install evolution 🙂

Users Managment in Kubuntu and KDE

In gnome you would go to your administration tab, and the users manager; but in KDE is a little different. First go to your KDE button, then system settings. Then click users management. Then click the button at the bottom right corner that says administrator mode. Then to add a user to a group click the groups tab. Select the group that you want to add a user to, and click modify. You will be able to add users to the group now. Overall the process of graphical User Management is a little different on KDE as compared to Gnome. A user comfortable with Gnome will definitely be thrown off at first.

Kubuntu – A Change from Gnome to KDE

For a year now I have been using a Gnome desktop environment. KDE is now in place and I’m finding it refreshing. Its mouse events trigger slightly different, and KDE seems to operate with increased performance on my particular HP DV2000 hardware. My favorite KDE applet it kpowersave; it allows for easy frequency scaling. I also like the look and feel of knetwork manager as compared to network manger for gnome. Overall KDE has a increasingly glass like interface and a luxurious overtone.