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VirtualBox Manager – Whats Next?

There is a small bug on the delete hosts page that will be fixed. I’m going to keep the max number of hosts, at this time, to 7 to support smaller screens without having to rewrite the code to support multiple pages of hosts. I’m going to add, at mininum, an additional class where I want to allow users to connect to the virtual machine itself to run commands. I will configure the virtual machine menu the same way as the host control menu. VirtualBox Manager will scan the virtual machine and display buttons with relevant servers that are running. For example if the machine has apache, sendmail, and mysql it will detect them and display a button for each service. The user can then start, stop, or reset the service.

I should have this update implemented in the next couple of days. I will also set a toggle in the main menu to enable a main application password required before connecting to any host. Although I may reserve this feature for the enterprise level application.

Server Memory Setup – To Swap or Not to Swap

For a while I turned off the swap file on my virtual machine. It worked, but then I began to use more php pages and the server began acting funny, especially with database queries. After a day or two of the system crashing I turned on a swap file and the system stability came back real quick. The virtual machine has 1024 megs of ram and 2048 megs of swap and the system appears to be managing memory much better. Review your system performance and status with the top binary.

As for the host, I turned the swap partition back on, but I dont think it is needed. I will try server configurations on my days off this week.

VirtualBox Headless Mode

If you run a web server, email server, or any server why do you want it in a graphical window on your desktop? I used to have my web/email/ect… server in a VirtualBox window that I would hide using alltray. Then I discovered the VirtualBox headless option. It launches the virtual machine entirely daemonized in the background. With ssh configured I use a gnome-terminal to gain access to the machine. This way the gnome-terminal is fully integrated into my desktop and does not appear out of place what so ever. Simply setup rsa keys to automate the login process; also disable password authentication to really create a secure server environment! One observation is how the options are called. Start a regular virtual machine with: VBoxManage -startvm webserver Start a headless virtual machine using: VBoxHeadless startvm webserver Notice the lack of the dash. It tis what it tis.