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A Breakdown of Healthcare

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Healthcare boils down to a simple situation. For the average working american, that puts in most likely over 40 hours per week, the cost of healthcare is expensive. The over $200 dollars per month for the Healthy New York plan, with Blue Cross Blue Sheild, can be upwards of 20-25% of a net months income. It is expensive for the customer, and sometimes the customer will want to forgo insurance to make a relative increased salary of 20-25%. Hey 20-25% is a lot of money. Then if something happens to the person they go to the emergency room and the government picks up the tab for free.

The other end of the system is the amount of money a doctor wants to get paid. If insurance wants to pay a doctor less money rather than more, the doctor will be unhappy and might not accecpt that particular insurance plan. But we want the doctor to be happy, they are providing care for our health. Therefore we would want our insurance companies to pay the amount of money the doctor wants to provide a particular treatment. Quite a dilema in an age when everyone wants to save money, which ultimately translate into paying doctors less.

The problem lies in doctors that want to make large amount of money to provide their services. Doctors needs to be in the industry because they want to help people. If they are in it only for the money then the health care problem will only get worse, because they will only want more and more money. The problem is systemic. Many people go to school to be doctors only for ther money, but they shouldbe encouraged to go to help people, understanding the a primary problem with health care is the overdesire for monetary compensation.

Although it could be argued that doctors should get paid large amounts of money. But that cost will ultimately come out of the pockets of working Joes that are having trouble paying the bills as it is.

The problem is systemic and I don’t see a particular solution. The only way to resolve the situation is demanding a moral standard of upcoming doctors. They have to desire to help without with wanting huge compensation. But then we have to consider the 250-500 thousand dollars most doctors pay to go to med school. That is simply a huge number.

Once again I don’t see a particular soluation at this time to ensure that people are getting the best of quality care, for the lowest price possible. Frankly is seems like a contradiction.

5 Ways to Save Businesses Big Bucks, Enhance Security and Evolve


Electricity is one of the biggest expenditures in the business world. Surpassed only by procurement, and human resources; reducing the amount of power consumed by electrical appliances can save a company millions. The first thing to do is configure your computers as thin clients. A computer can consume 30 or more watts each. If a Corporation has thousands of computers, and a thin client uses 50-75% less energy, then that translates directly to a 50-75% reduction in the utility bill. There might be a setup cost associated with 10,000 new thin client terminal, but that will be made back within the first year of use.

1) To implement a thin client setup the Corporation can use a Microsoft Windows product, which would cost money and be counter productive. The economical choice is to use Linux, and an out of the box setup can be achieved using Ubuntu. Talk about killing two birds with one stone; using Linux will eliminate the costly expenditure of anti virus subscriptions that all corporations have.


2) By implementing Linux the cost of maintenance will be dramatically reduced. You can have Linux machine running for years without serious security problems, and the entire update process can be completely automated and centralized to the thin client server. A corporation can significantly cut their maintenance costs with a thin client setup.

Most database applications nowadays are browser based therefore Linux is perfectly compatible with most existing systems. Firefox works on all Linux systems.

3) After switching to a Linux thin client server, all those pesky Windows license keys can be resold to needy customers. Theoretically the corporation can recoup several thousands of dollars, if not 10’s.


4) Then the old energy inefficient hardware can be resold, or donated to a organization of good will. Either an economical or philanthropic plus.

5) Then security can be enhanced by enforcing an outbound firewall to block all but the needed ports. Theoretically only several ports, clearly port 80, port 25, and several others need to be open. This will dramatically reduce the risks even if a computer becomes infected with a virus. Bye bye Norton, or Symantec. Save that 10-50k per year subscription fee.

Overall there are many reason to convert to Linux and some of the reasons are priceless. You really cannot put a cost savings on potential security risks, which is one of the biggest selling points of Linux. Ubuntu is free, how can that be beaten?

So all you tech savvy, under appreciated employees out there start dreaming up ways to approach the right people in your company with a way to save them million. If thousands of you draft presentations and attempt to talk to higher ups, at least one of you will hit a jackpot. Why not let that one person be you.

Walmart Trample – Indicative of Blind Selfishness

A Wal-Mart employee in suburban New York died after being trampled by a crush of shoppers who tore down the front doors and thronged into the store early Friday morning, turning the annual rite of post-Thanksgiving bargain hunting into a frenzy. Reference

The only reason something as such occured is because the people entering the store were entirely focused on what they were going to purchase. Their mindset was “I need to get that before someone else does”. People were so engrossed on acquiring items they actually trampled over someone else. I have heard the term tunnel vision used and it seems applicable to this occurence. Simply incredible that people could run past another person lying on the floor, most likely not moving, or at minimum apparently in distress. A person does not die instantly from being trampled therefore people continued to run past the injured employee. This is an example of widespread selfishness. People were incredibly overwhelmed with the idea of saving money during these economically miserable times; so overwhelmed that money was more important than life.

Advertising Adsense – Viral Marketing

I don’t know. I simply do not know. I want to know 😉 All experienced people know the make money online thing. Its a hype driven system. Make a person believe they can achieve success and they will buy your product. Make an Ebook and say it the secret to something and people with buy it; people will buy anything. Its so played out, and dam near frustrating to see so many gullible people other there that actually need an Ebook to say that they can make money selling the very same type of Ebook. People are making money showing other people how to say the exact same things that they are saying. Do you want to know the secrets to achieving your goals? Do you want to quit your daily 9-5 grind? Do you want to achieve your dreams and make millions of dollars easily? Then this is the right program for you! I will show you in 5 easy steps how to achieve everything that life is made for. Never work a 9-5 again, and this is only step 1. Step 2 your life will kick into high gear, and you will be propelled into tremendous prosperity. You will learn in my 5 step program how to turn your ideas into reality, and create what others only dream of. Have you ever wondered how people make 30k per week? How about paying off your mortgage, and all your credit cards in a matter of days not weeks? This is all possible by the time you reach step 3. Steps 1, 2 and 3 are easy and step 4 makes everything all that much simpler. By the time you reach step 4 you will be lounging on a 6 figure income paying people to do what you did in your previous job. Do you want to have such freedoms? Do you want luxury? Do you want the ability to live your fantasies and never work another day in your life, then my 5 step program is exactly what you need. When you reach step 5 you will understand exactly what my program was designed to teach. You will be the teacher and free of every burned ever placed on you. When you reach step 5 you have achieved what most people never achieve. You will be free!

What Can I do? Why is it so Tough? Options, What Options?

There are millions of people in America with millions of dollars that do not appreciate what they have. They waste money on large homes, stuff, items, and cosas. Its simply incredible and nauseating at the same time. I wish I had the opportunity to achieve such a level of wealth, and can assure that the opportunity would not be wasted. I would save and not run debt. I would create and not only consume. I would produce and not destroy. I would provide and not take. I would help and not only receive. I would strive and not just be. I crave accomplishment and I cannot achieve; my current employment is incredible soul destructive. I am making no progress, not a single step. I save peanuts, a little bit of money. I completely understand that savings, what so ever, is more than most Americans can do; but I have always consumed less than I want. Wants are irrelevant, and needs are few. Never surmounting your needs there will always be leftovers to save. But saving a little bit of money is useless; and will not lead to philanthropic liberty.  Without a gross accumulation of money it is impossible to achieve the freedom to be a philanthropist. What options are available? What decisions can be made to take a different path in life? What else can be done other than going to college? Is is pure luck to be a successful entrepreneur? Is employment the maximum potential achievable? Even making 100k per year does not result in philanthropic freedom. I break it down in my mind like this. Making a small amount of money allows you to live and not perish. Making anywhere in between, up to hundreds of thousands and millions allows people to be completely selfish, consume, patronize, ect…. It takes such a gross amount of money to become a philanthropist. Is it wrong to want to be a philanthropist? Is it wrong to be the opposite of selfish, and want to help other people? Is it wrong to think of other people more than yourself? What is the path to success? What is success? Success is obviously defined subjectively, but in general objective success involves making progress of some sort. I dream of achieve my subjective success, but I cannot even achieve a modicum of objective success; I feel like I am making zero progress. I’ll say something like this to my father and he will say writing this blog post I am actually making progress, and I shouldn’t feel this way. But I do feel this way, and his subjective opinion that I am making progress does not satisfy this unachievable craving I feel to make something, or do something, or achieve something. I can definitely say it is a strong feeling of unease. I do not believe its anxiety because I do sleep and can relax. But always in the back of my mind is a sense of frustration, which is bordering on dam near failure.

Google Adsense Profit – LOL

Dare I write a post about this topic. Google Adsense profits, is there such a thing. Is it possible. There are over 500 posts of original content in this blog, is it a money maker? I won’t give a direct answer, but the answer is implied. It is obvious, and intuitive how to be a success; thousands of pages, thousands if not millions of pageviews, and a 1% clickthrough rate. How many people have achieved this? How many people have written thousands of blog entries? How many people receive millions of hits per day? This blog has excellent Google indexing primarily because I deal with Linux topics and there are relatively few Linux focused blogs that are SEO optimized. I get the speciality clicks where someone is searching Google for something in particular. This crowd that I am attracting is internet and computer savvy and they are most likley not going to click on a stupid Google ad. What can be done to change this? I ask because the answer is not clear, and I do not know. I would like to change this situation; while I do like maintaining my blog to provide free applicable and pertinent information to the Linux community, it does not bring in a substantial income. I have an Electrical Engineering degree. The US technological economy is dead, especially in New York. There are basically no high paying jobs with benifits, and there are also few regular minimum wage jobs. It cannot just be my luck, there has to be other people in a comparable situation. Right about now I would like to make some money online. Without saying how much I was making a couple of months ago, I would like to return to those numbers; and god if you listen to people talking on the internet can I return to those number and maybe more 🙂