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Getting Turned Down for a Job

There are three possible ways to get turn down for a job: 1) A phone call, with a precise explanation of why you were not selected. This is the best method, because it is actually constructive and will allow you to tailor your resume for future applications. I have never received a single constructive phone call. 2) An email. This simply sucks, as it is not constructive at all. There is zero feedback. No information on how to better your resume. In the future I will forward these emails directly to my junk folder. 3) NOTHING AT ALL. This option is far beyond sucking. This is simply frustrating. You go on monster, or careerbuilder and submit hundred of resumes and you get absolutely nothing in return. I at the point where the following is a reasonable conclusion. Move to India to get an outsourced American job.

Zero Engineering Jobs in America

I have been out of school for 2 years now, and was not employed for my senior year of college. I still cannot get a reasonable job. There are zero engineering jobs in America! There are no computer jobs in America. I have applied for hundred upon hundreds of jobs.,, they are completely useless. Either I am a complete loser, or something is dreadfully wrong with this country. I have a tremendous background in computers. I run my own servers. I write my own html/xhtml websites. I used to think I was simply a loser, but that conclusion cannot be the case simply because I have a tremendous background filled with computer, and other experience. Maybe I should move to India, so an America company can outsource a job to me! Hello America, wake up; when a recent college graduate cannot get a reasonable job something is dreadfully wrong!

Monster – Useless for Entrepreneurs – Employers Want Drones

My experience on, and other internet based resume systems is that employers are looking for people with no brains. They want people that will do anything, and question nothing. They want drones. They want slaves. For $25,000 a year for an entry level position, getting someone coffee, or doing some rudimentary tasks. Speaking for all Engineering graduates of the past several years, we want to show employers how smart we are. We want to be professionals, and this is the very reason we became engineers. We do not want to be lackys, we want to express our business desires and concepts in an effort to better ourselves and achieve economic profit. Shouldn’t a company want its employees to express their ideas? Having more perspectives should promote better projects, and avoid errors; but when an entry level employee has a professional idea they are shot down being rejected prior or subsequent to the interview process. These are the jobs that are most available to recent Bachelors graduates. We have to submit our resumes via online systems, in such a fashion that they are compared to countless competing applicants. The market is saturated with more and more people and the selection process is becoming increasingly discriminatory. Overall my personal opinion that a Bachelors degree is completely useless if you have any desire to achieve something substantial with your life. You NEED a Masters, and likely a Phd. A BACHELORS IS USELESS and nobody will take you seriously as a professional. Nobody will listen to your ideas. Nobody will give you credit. All you will do, with a Bachelors degree, is SOMEONE ELSE’S WORK! In America you have to be privileged to be an Entrepreneur. You have to either have some sort of connection, or substantial financial resources. Otherwise having dreams of businesses, inventions, and services is a pipe dream.