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Linux CUPS Configuration – Foomatic

First install all needed packages. Your going to need cups, and the client, and the foomatic and openprinting drivers.

sudo apt-get install cupsys cupsys-client

Then install everything in:

sudo apt-cache search foomatic

If its an HP printer your going to want that library. HP has an auto setup script. Install the package and run:

sudo hp-setup

Installing all the foomatic, openprinting, and hp drivers the hp-setup script will detect printers on the network and will give you options as to which driver to use. To manage everything I recommend webmin. Download webmin from sourceforge, and use dpkg to install it. It will say dependencies are needed so just run:

sudo dpkg --configure -a

Webmin will install and you will access it from:


You can configure other printers (other than HP) from here. You should set the printer to static ip address then you will configure the printer to that IP and port 9100. Select the corresponding from from the CUPS menu at the bottom of the printer configuration page. Some printers need a driver straight from Copy the ppd to a folder in /var/share/ppd/openprinting. Create a folder with the manufacturers name if need be. Install it the same way as other printers (through webmin), and select the corresponding ppd drivers, in the CUPS section, the add new printer configuration page.

VirtueMart Print All Products

My experiences with VirtueMart are good. I have never been able to get the PDF feature to work though. Some workarounds are therefore required. Turn your online store into catalog mode, and then hit the show all products link in the mod_virtuemart module. Set the list to display 50 products at a time. Literally highlight all products then copy paste them into a Microsoft Word document. Word will automatically download the images from the associated urls and slap them into the document. After adding all of your products to the Word document comes the fun part; cleanup and tailoring.