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VirtualBox Manager Pro – Launched with Public Key Authentication

VirtualBox Manager Pro has been launched on the Android Marketplace. It has many enhancements over the free version. The user interface has additional notifications, and the most important feature, public key authentication, has been fully implemented. Once logged into a host using password authentication, VirtualBox Manager Pro can create a 1024 bit DSA encryption key, which can then be uploaded to the server. The upload method automatically appends the key to the bottom of the authorized_keys2 file. From then on pub key auth is used to connect to the particular host. Pub key authentication can be enabled and disabled in the hosts configuration menu. The application has many checks and when a situation may require explanation several dialog boxes have been strategically implemented to avoid problems with pub key authentication.

VirtualBox Manager Pro is excellent for serious IT departments that require minimum security requirements. Using pub key authentication the use of password authentication can be completely disabled. This is a huge security enhancement over the free version. VirtualBox Manager Pro is available for $19.99, and is targeting IT departments rather than the individual. Home users can utilize password authentication to a great extent without detrimentally exposing a server to internet based threats, whereas IT departments host servers that are business dependent.

Try VirtualBox Manger Pro today to experience a stable, intuitive, and fully function VirtualBox remote management solution.

Working Locally from a Remote Location

Yes, I know it sounds funny. You can work locally from a remote location. I am specifically referring to use of LTSP. I am managing a server for a company, and I will be placing the server in an air conditioned server room; and I don’t want to sit in that room all day long. I installed an LTSP server so I can sit in the main office and boot a PXE enabled computer from the system. LTSP allows you to login directly to the server from a remote location. The desktop environment will be exactly the same as if you were sitting in front of the machine. The only difference is the LDMĀ  login screen, which technically you can change to anything including GDM.

I want to take the graphics card out of the server; its a nice Nvidia card; in the end I will not being doing what I want because I cannot leave the server completely without local video capabilities. I will be relying on the motherboard integrated Intel video chipset on the PXE enabled computer. It will server its purpose. I will be taking the 1080p capable monitor from the server, to use on the client; this I can get away with. Its a nice system and a pleasure to manage.