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iPhone Error 9 Cannot Restore

Broken iPhone
Broken iPhone

Apparent there is either a sensitive aspect to iPhone software, or an integrated kill mechanism. I have a friends iPhone that simply cannot be restored. There is an error 9 that cannot be avoided. I have placed the phone in DFU mode, which is apparently the ultimate restore mode, from which even the most damaged iPhone should be able to restore; but not in this case. I have tried restoring the phone from three different computer including a MAC. The error 9 is on all 3 computers. There are no other options, no other ways of doing a restore. I think a recurring error 9 means the phone is done for; dead, not recoverable. Maybe someone has an idea?

$50 iPhone for the Holidays

Chances are good that someone on your shopping list is pining for an iPhone for the holiday season. If you know of such person, then we’ve got a surprise Black Friday deal for you. AT&T is offering refurbished 16GB iPhone 3Gs for $49 for new customers. That’s the shipped price, and they’re even waiving the activation fee, normally $35.[Source]

Holy moly that a nice number. I’m discontent with a current situation. My friend gave me an iPhone to fix, and I cannot fix it. I have put the phone in DFU restore mode, and done the restore procedure in regular mode. Still no go. The iPhone is having connectivity issues that appear to be unresolvable. I keep getting error 9. There are only so many buttons on the phone 🙂 There are only so many way to do the restore procedure, 2. In regular boot mode or DFU mode. Both modes produce the same result.

This is an old post, but it gives hope that I can help my friend:

I will try other USB ports, and a different computer. I think error 9 is a generic communications problems, but the thing that disconcerts me is that he was receiving the same issue on his computers. Maybe I will have better luck.

Blackberry Backup – Restore

A tener un backup de su Blackberry es demasiado importante. Sin un backup su telefoneo puede perder todo los contactos, y toda la otra información. Todo sus correos electronicos, su comunicaciones directo con bbm, los videos y los canciones. Quien quiere a perder lo todo? Por eso quiero a decirte a hacer un backup inmediatamente . Bajarse la programa de aquí.

Yo te digo este porque yo inicializado mi telefoneo y perdí lo todo dije arriba. Que triste y frustrando pero yo pude salvar mucho de un telefoneo viejo.   De ahora yo voy a hacer y tener un backup siempre que no tengo problemas en el futuro. A usar el cerebro es muy importante.

VirtualBox Backup Restore

When you create a guest operating system it is stored in a VirtualBox .vdi file. This .vdi is the hard drive that you created during the setup of your guest OS. Your .vdi images are stored in /home/user/.virtualbox/vdi. To backup your VirtualBox guest operating systems simply copy the specific .vdi file to a usb hard drive, another partition, or a separate internal hard drive. I typically use SSH or FTP to transfer the .vdi image of my server to my laptop 🙂 To restore your VirtualBox guest operating system simply copy the specific VDI file from your usb hard drive, another partition, or your separate internal hard drive to /home/user/.virtualbox/vdi. Then in VBoxManage you can create a new guest operating system and use the imported VDI as the hard drive. I also happen to offer a variety of .vdi images of your favorite Linux distributions. See for more information 🙂

Virtual Server Can Fool Hackers – Backup/Restore is Easy

When a virtual server is utilizing the host systems network, and receives an independent local IP via DHCP from your router it appears to be an actual computer form the outside world. If a backup of the VDI is kept regularly it can simply replace a damaged, or hacked system in the time it takes to copy a file. Virtual servers exist as a single VDI file, therefore for blogs that utilize database backends simply copy your backup server VDI image, boot, then use your phpmyadmin to update your mysql databases from your backups; obviously this entails keeping mysql database backups. For more information about mysql backups utilizing automated cron scripts see: