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VirtualBox Headless Mode

If you run a web server, email server, or any server why do you want it in a graphical window on your desktop? I used to have my web/email/ect… server in a VirtualBox window that I would hide using alltray. Then I discovered the VirtualBox headless option. It launches the virtual machine entirely daemonized in the background. With ssh configured I use a gnome-terminal to gain access to the machine. This way the gnome-terminal is fully integrated into my desktop and does not appear out of place what so ever. Simply setup rsa keys to automate the login process; also disable password authentication to really create a secure server environment! One observation is how the options are called. Start a regular virtual machine with: VBoxManage -startvm webserver Start a headless virtual machine using: VBoxHeadless startvm webserver Notice the lack of the dash. It tis what it tis.

Virtual Server Autostart

To automatically start your Virtual Server open the sessions control panel in the administrator menu. Add to the startup programs the following command: VBoxManage startvm servername My Virtual Server is named “server” therefore my session startup command looks like this: VBoxManage startvm server Do the same thing for your tap creation script. I placed the tap creation script in my home folder, then when you add the session startup just navigate to the script and select it. Everything in the sessions configuration will automatically start when the main user logs in, therefore you will have to set the security on your computer to automatically login your main user. Do this in the Login Window administrator menu, under the security tab.