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iPhone 3.0 – at&t – No MMS – June 2009

The new iPhone OS3.0 is here. It is completely useless upon its initial release. It was supposed to bring MMS support. Every other feature, ie. clipboard and search has been available via Cydia for a looooong time now, but the MMS was blocked by at&t. Now with the new OS3.0 here at&t still does not support MMS. This is the only substantial reason to upgrade. 3.0 has not been jailborken yet so now users do not have theming features, which pretty much leaves millions of iPhone users very angry. Its simply incredible the service provided by at&t. 3G is fast, but there is never reception. I mean there is NEVER reception. Sure if your standing in one place youll get reception, but when I drive through town and pass Main Street, and Central Drive bam the signal goes to Zero. and then when I pass Main Street and Shore Road, bam signal goes to zero; call dropped. Reception in Plandome, lol never had it; its simply incredible. Now since at&t is the only official provider of iPhone service in the US, why would Apple issue and update for features that are not even supported by the only official provider? Its counter intuitive, and a guaranteed way to make customers unhappy, or further unhappy with the service provided by at&t. This only leads more and more people to look into unlocking there phone to work with other providers to bypass the monopoly at&t has on the iPhone. Wouldn’t at&t say to Apple, waiiiiit we are not ready for the update!! There is no coordination behind the scenes. The same thing applies to the 3G rollout. Why would at&t sell a phone claiming that the phone is twice as fast, when the service provider cannot provide adequate reception. The claim should be the iPhone 3G is twice as fast, when you can get a signal.

WordPress 2.3.2 Security Updates

Consistent with the incredible update reliability of WordPress comes version 2.3.2. This update resolves security related issues and is not a feature upgrade. As stated by WordPress it is highly recommended to update to secure your WordPress blog to its maximum potential. Cheers to consistent, and reliable updates by the WordPress team 🙂 Thank you for providing this powerful blogging medium.

Yum Update – Fedora Red Hat Package Managment

Yum is the Red Hat package manager. It automatically handles RPM packages and determines required program dependencies. The most basic Yum function is the update process. To begin type: yum update It will provide you a listing of all the files that can be upgraded. If you have not setup your /etc/sudoers file, you may be required to access root priveleges manually: sudo yum update Update often, as most updates are security and bug fixes!!

Sudo Apt-Get Update

The sudo command is a program that is not included in the Debian project, although it is a standard, and well integrated component of upstream distributions such as Ubuntu. The sudo command allows a user to access root functionality, without having to “su” or login to the root account directly. On Debian systems the /etc/sudoers file must be configured in order to authorized sudo functionality, whereas on Ubuntu distributions the sudoers file automatically accommodates system users.

The Apt-Get command is part of the aptitude application, and is designed for package management, and software updating. The application supports dependency resolution, and is analogous in functionality to the yum package management system.

Passing the update argument to the Apt-Get command results in a system update process. This process will contact the configured repositories and compare them to existing files on the local system. If an update is possible, the “sudo apt-get upgrade” command will process the respective program upgrade.

You can enter these commands directly into a terminal.

All that the previous link will show is the terminal location. Click the applications menu, and in the accessories tab is the terminal. You can also hit alt-f2 to get a applications windows; enter “gnome-terminal” to open a terminal. If you want to change the entire terminal, and not open a terminal emulator press cntrl-alt f1. This will change your entire desktop terminal to a command prompt. Press cntrl-alt f7 to get back to your default shell and desktop.