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Shady Photo & Video Safe 4.0+ w/ the New LazyLoadingAdapter

Shady Photo & Video Safe 4.0+ is now live on the Play Store.

It’s built on the powerful Lazy Loading Adapter library I published on GitHub for public consumption. The adapter is extremely efficient and versatile. With support for images and video, local paths, remote uris, and ids of media in the phone’s Gallery content provider. The library has built in LRU caching, position highlighting, and a unique single thread blocking structure.

Go ahead, simplify your project, add some fast loading galleries of videos and images, and do it all with a couple of lines of code.


Ubuntu Karmic – Codecs for DVD, MPG, AVI, and All the Rest

I’ve hit this topic before, but nowadays its become much more simpler. In older releases of Ubuntu you needed to add the codecs separately, and sometimes even add a third party repository. No you just have to install the restricted extras package.

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

Now you can play for music, your videos, and watch your oldschool DVD if you still have them. I recommend using the default video player totem, but there are others. The popular ones are:


Each one has its feature, but ultimately each will do the same thing; play your files. I used VLC for a while, but totem-gstreamer is will integrated into Ubuntu, and seems to work just fine.

Ubuntu Bugs in Release Candidate – Hating

There are several posts going around about a bug in the Ubuntu Karmic release candidate. One post details the lack of the 64 bit installer being able to detect multiple sata hard drives.

“The 9.10RC Karmic Koala ubiquity disk partitioning steps (#4, #5 in the installation screens) seem to have regressions when booting the AMD64 ubuntu live desktop CD on systems with multiple disks.

This is a shame of a bug to be exploited by haters. Once Ubuntu is up and running it cannot be compared to Windows. It is much more stable, will run for months without needing to be shutdown. There is no worry of viruses, and spyware, and 99% of applications have a version that will run. The only two applications, that I can think of, that will not run on Linux is iTunes, and Quicken. THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES THOUGH, and always a way to do what you want to do.

The only reason Windows is liked more than Linux is because the majority of humanity is NOT TECH SAVVY. If a problem is encountered in Linux, Google is your friend. There is always a solution! It is worthwhile to find the solution, to get Ubuntu working, because of the benifits.


1) No more viruses or spyware. There are very few bad things that can happen when using Linux.

2) Stability, and no need to defragment. Your machine will run for months or years without needing to reboot.

One of the only reason to use Windows is for games. Drivers for top end video cards, and the games themselves, are generally only supported on Windows.

W3C XHTML Youtube Video Embed

Youtube provides a code snippet for videos that is not XHTML compliant and will cause W3C error violations. Instead of using their code snippet:

<object width=”425″ height=”350″> <param name=”movie” value=”″> </param> <embed src=”″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”425″ height=”350″> </embed> </object>

Use the following format instead:

<object type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” style=”width: 425px; height: 350px” data=”″>
<param name=”movie” value=”″ /></object>

Notice the lack of the embed tag, and the XHTMLification of the param tag with the end slash, and removal of the close param tag. Also notice that the url is the same. If you are using code snippets in WordPress blogs take note to edit the page in code view mode, and use <code>, and </code> tags around you code, otherwise WordPress likes to modify your code, and this most of the time will result in undesired effects.