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VirtualBox Vista Images Coming Back

I’m installing a copy of Vista in a virtual machine right now. The license will expire, but I’m not installing it for useful purposes. I’m going to re-add previously lost images to the most popular page on this website.

Although I find the page quite unnecessary, being the way to implement host networking has changed significantly, many people do not heed the notice posted quite conspicuously at the top of the page. By tomorrow the images will be back πŸ™‚

Linux the Future – Yippe I Will Eventually Have a Job

With the economy uncertainΓ‚ and Microsoft Vista failing to gain overwhelming acceptance, many IT departments are considering a migration to Linux. Reference

I don’t know when it will be, but its coming quick. The simple reason that companies need to pay for Windows products will lead to abandonment. Why pay for products when you can get the same work done for free. Linux is clearly the solution, and with rapidly developing systems such as Ubuntu, there is no reason in the near future to continue to pay the large license requirements of Microsoft products. Ubuntu has faster security updates than Windows, and is substantially at less risk to infection and spyware. Right now Linux implementation seems to be a no brainer, but corporation are stubborn and are hanging on to the tail of a dying elephant. Windows products are paid for by corporations because there is an underlying notion that paying for a product gets better support; but this metholodoly is quickly failing. Open source products have the benifit of millions of eyes to fix bugs, and make improvements. Open source will produce superior products by all means, and all that is needed is a little more time for the status quo of Open Source products to reach the stability and reliability requirements of enterprise applications. For servers Apache is the status quo; open source. For desktops Microsoft still reigns because the software requirements are much more daugnting. With projects broken down substantially, such as Gnome, and KDE desktop environments the development of independently stable applications is inevitable.

Windows Who? Bloated – Complex – Ohh and You Have to Pay for it?

Everyone is talking about Windows nowadays. Why use it? Since the dawn of the modern desktop computer Microsoft has dominated relentlessly. In more recent years Apple has emerged as a major competitor, with their niche being people who want simplicity! As Linux becomes increasingly user friendly, and easy to install the demise of Microsoft’s Windows is appearing closer and closer.

Its no secret that Windows Vista wasn’t the resounding success that Microsoft hoped for.Γ‚  While Microsoft managed to push decent sales, it failed to surpass Windows XP’s success and received a largely critical reception from the press.Γ‚  Microsoft is taking the situation seriously, and is pushing aggressively to replace Vista, with Windows 7 in 2010, hoping for better luck. (reference)

Apple is great, their software is great, their hardware is great, but you have to pay for it. Linux, especially Ubuntu is quickly becoming a major competitor in the computer world. Dell has rapidly adopted the operating system because of its stability, lack of viruses and spyware, and other benefits. The most important benefit is that its completely free. Why would Dell want to purchase licenses from Microsoft, and then have to charge the consumer? They can simply use Ubuntu, charge the consumer a little bit less, make the consumer more happy and still make their incredible profits. Linux the the future. It takes about 30 minutes to completely setup up a brand new webserver. Viruses, and spyware are basically not effective against all Linux distributions, so I ask the question again, why use Microsoft Windows?

VirtualBox Windows Vista – Host Network Bridge and Tap

This entire post is no longer applicable to the most recent version of VirtualBox. Here is a more recent post.

VirtualBox is well equipped for a Windows environment. Most of its features have a mechanism for automatic installation and setup. To get your guest OS, in Windows Vista, to have a real IP address from your router you first need a network bridge and tap. Open the VirtualBox manager:

VirtualBox manager screenshot

Then select a guest OS and open its settings. Then click the network tab:
VirtualBox manager network tab

Then click the add network tap button:
Add network tap button

It doesn’t matter what the name is πŸ™‚ Then adjust your guest OS networking adapter accordingly.

Enable host network

Now open your Windows Vista network configurations manager:

Microsoft Vista network configuration

This screenshot is what your network configurations should be after everything is done. To achieve this simply select both the VirtualBox tap, that was previously created, and bridge it to your LAN connection. Select both by click on each adapter while pressing the shift key. Then right click on either of the two highlighted icons and select “bridge”. This will automatically create a bridge between the tap and your real host networking adapter. Wham bam, now you can select a real static IP in your VirtualBox guest OS on a Windows Vista system πŸ™‚

Update (12/4/2009); At the top of this post I say that the information here is outdated. You can view the post listed above if you want, but here are the pertinent screenshots also:

Here is a screen from Windows Vista. Go to the network tab of the virtual machine settings:

Network settings

Then select the attach to drop down menu:


Then change the attach to, drop down menu, to bridged adapter:

Bridged adapter

Windows Vista Extreme Speedup

The best way to increase the speed, of any computer that currently uses Windows Vista, is to switch to any of the free, Extremely powerful, Linux Operating Systems, or install Windows XP. You can visit DistroWatch to see an up-to-date list of new distributions coming out almost on a daily basis. The most popular Debian Distribution is Ubuntu The most popular Red Hat Distribution is Fedora Debian is the root OS of many distributions, and I personally use it. It is extremely stable, and very powerful!! Installation of any Linux Operating System will increase the speed of your computer. Take a Windows Vista Laptop or Desktop PC to the next level by deleting Windows, and Installing Linux. If you are not ready to install Linux, a great way to speed up a Windows Vista PC is to install Windows XP instead. Windows XP is rather stable, I have great experiences with it, and considering the increasingly powerful machines sold for use with Windows Vista, the installation of XP should produce a marked performance improvement. πŸ™‚ Note that with use of VirtualBox you can install WIndows inside of Linux πŸ™‚