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Compiz Auto Move a Window to Another Desktop – Viewport

When you boot your machine you want to open a variety of windows or applications on different desktops, but they only seem to open on the main desktop even with use of the place plugin. The place plugin in compiz works for a variety of applications but does not work for VirtualBox graphical windows. Wmctrl is another plugin that allows you to move windows to different locations on the desktop. For example, if your desktop is 1920 x 1080 you can move a window to the second desktop, in the x direction, by placing it to 1921. For example if you launch MythTV automatically on boot, and you want it on the second desktop use the following in a startup session script. Wmctrl is a package in the default Ubuntu repositories give it an apt-get to install. wmctrl -r "mythfrontend.real" -e 0,1921,0,1920,1080 There are a variety of option to wmctrl, use wmctrl --help for more info. This is how I move my Windows XP to another viewport: wmctrl -r "WindowsXP [Running] - Sun VirtualBox" -e 0,3841,0,1920,1080 In this case I move it to viewport 3.