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Yahoo – The Original Crumbles – Kinda

Yahoo reported a net loss of $303 million, or 22 cents a share, compared with a profit of $206 million, or 15 cents a share, a year ago. Yahoo said it incurred $108 million in charges related to severance of employees and $488 million in write-downs of some of its European assets. [REFERENCE]

The original king of the search engines, Yahoo is getting battered even more. When Microsoft wanted to buy Yahoo the decision was a big NO. Now, from Yahoo’s perspective, that sale would have been the best decision possible. With the stock a mere fraction of the value it was last year Yahoo has a lot of rebuilding to do. If rebuilding is possible at all with all the competition. The main competition is Google. One advantage Yahoo has is advertising on its homepage. Google has always had a simple homepage with no advertisements. Nor has Google provided the various tidbits of information Yahoo is famous for on its homepage. I still believe in Yahoo as a good product, and although there is a tremendous amount of competing search engines the main power of Yahoo comes from its history; it was the first. I don’t think Yahoo will sell; especially at the low price its at. I think they will try and rebuild to some degree, and then maybe in the future a sale is possible. For now they will remain a separate entity try to expand on the territory they they still control.

Network Solutions – 1 and 1 Hosting – Yahoo – LAMP – WAMP – DIY

If you have a computer at home and a job you can pay the electrical bill to keep the computer on 24/7 and turn it into a web server. Why pay over 20$ per month for hosting services when you can pay a fraction of that in electricity to keep your computer on. If your on a Windows machine just download one of various WAMP packages, or if your on Linux you can search this blog for the apt commands to setup a LAMP server. I wish I could get paid to setup web servers, because that is obviously what the corporate web hosts do. They create these dynamic php and javascript driven websites that turn a internet GUI into server configuration commands. When you pay 20$ per month you are paying for the translation of website mouse clicks into server configuration commands. Its definitely a good service, and it makes it easy but I have always been a fan of cutting out the middle man. You can cut out the middle man; on Windows its a simple as installing WAMP, which is nothing different than a typical application installation. Linux is a little different, but I like it because its free and much more stable IMHO.

Yahoo Domain Hosting 3X the Price

Originally when I started buying domains from Yahoo the cost was around 10$ per year. Then it went up to 13$ per year. Now with the recent financial crisis around the world, Yahoo has decided to tripple their yearly fees TO 34$ yer pear. I am either cancelling my domains at warp speed, or contemplating transferring them to Go Daddy for a fraction of the price. Technically I can host them from my house, but I get nervous with the dynamic IP address provided by Optimum online. I haven’t had an IP address change in a long time, and for all practical purposes without the modem being offline for a long time the IP address rarely ever changes. Overall I am going to cancel as many domains as I can, thus eliminating many of my websites. I am going to remove the websites that do not receive many hits, ect… I will keep my main website, which I plan to have my entire life. I also will keep this domain, because I have many websites consolidated into it, as well as this blog which I cherish as a means of venting and documentation. Maybe I will transfer some domains to Go Daddy, I have a couple of things to think about before the critical date that Yahoo wants payment before it stops hosting the domains.

Google Rules – Microsoft and Yahoo Try to Keep Up

Google is at the top of the food chain. There is a huge list of competitors from all over the world, but none even come close to the widespread use of Goolgle Adwords,and Adsense. Yahoo has a marketing system of their own, and so does Microsoft, but the incentive to use these systems is not great. Google is synonymous with the web, and anyone who uses the internet knows who Google is. Therefore most people use Google for their internet searching. People who use Google see the paid search results on the right, and top of the screen and those who want to start a website will first think of Google for their marketing, and advertising needs.

While Microsoft and Yahoo! engage in their odd mating ritual, they are benefiting the very company that is driving them to seek partners. Internet advertisers can’t figure out what the two companies will look like in six months, so search leader Google is set to profit from the confusion. (reference)

The question is why choose a company that is barely competitive when you can choose a company (Google) that is guaranteed to be effective, and potentially profitable. For the foreseeable future Google will remain strong. It will take a long time for a major competitor to emerge. Google is creative, and bold with their web based software and their Adsense/Adwords programs continue to provide outstanding services to websites.

iPhone Email Spam – Dealing with it Using IMAP

IMAP mail servers keep the files on the server, in addition to allowing external devices to access and download them. Basically IMAP allows you to synchronize your iPhone with your mail folder the same way you synchronize with your iTunes music. The beauty of this is that you can use a spam filtering program, such as Evolution or Mozilla Thunderbird to establish customized spam filtering rules. Overall, after about a days worth of tuning the spam filter rules, you can practically eliminate all mail spam that would typically go to your iPhone. If you use Gmail, Yahoo mail, or another other mail system, you will first have to forward the emails to a mail server that supports IMAP. I believe Gmail offers IMAP, therefore you can probably set your spam filter rules directly in Gmail, and then synchronize your Iphone with your account. Yahoo I know does not currently support IMAP, therefore you will have to forward your email to an IMAP server, or settle with the SPAM filtering provided by the Yahoo interface. I find the Yahoo interface relatively limited, specifically compared to the elaborate parameters that can be set in Mozilla Thunderbird. Frankly I highly recommend just forwarding all mail to a local IMAP server, and have Thunderbird continuously running to filter out the crapola. I am not going to get into setting up a mail server, as I have covered it extensively in the past. If your interested in setting up your own IMAP server feel welcome to search this blog in the upper right hand corner for more information. You do not need a domain name, as you can forward the email directly to your external IP address ๐Ÿ™‚ Basically this concept only works with IMAP because POP will download the messages from the mail server, then clean the spam, and the mail will only be on the local machine in the Thunderbird directories. IMAP keeps the mail on the server, and Thunderbird will successfully clean out the BS leaving the mail accessible to other devices such as your iPhone.

Hosting Your Website at Yahoo or Godaddy

Both services are the cream of the crop. They are the big players. They have the corporate stability. If you put a website on their servers, it will remain on those servers, complete with backups, until you stop paying the account. I personally use Yahoo as a server and can report excellent service for both web hosting and domain services. I have no experience personally with Godaddy, but I have accessed account moderation pages, and taken a full fleged test drive. Once major difference between the two is that Yahoo provides a PhpMyAdmin interface to its Mysql database server. Godaddy provides a proprietary interface for the configuration of databases. I prefer the PhpMyAdmin, but thats just my taste. Overall both are a great way to get a website online. For relatively cheap prices, you cannot beat the stability and uptime associated with mainstream corporate servers. You can obviously can read the rest of this blog to set up your very own server at home, but even so I still recommend using a professional hosted DNS ๐Ÿ˜‰