Debian Lenny to Replace Etch

Debian Lenny will be the name of the next Stable Debian release. It has been over one year since the release of Debian Etch, and consistent with their release schedule, it should be a fare amount of time until Lenny debuts. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as Debian systems are overwhelmingly more stable than all of the Linux distributions based on Debian. Because of this I prefer to use Debian as my OS, and will happily wait as long as it takes to for the next major release by the Debian developers. While I do indeed tinker with Ubuntu, I primarily use Debian for my server environments, while I also sometimes use Ubuntu for my graphical Desktop environments. I usually use one operating system over the other in an effort to maintain uptime, and system stability. Nobody wants there system glitchy or having to be rebooted every now and then 🙂

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