PXE Network Boot VirtualBox

You need host networking enabled to boot via the network. Check here for prerequisite configuration.

VirtualBox is capable of network boot, and is practically indistinguishable in configuration as compared to a real machine. To PXE boot a VirtualBox guest OS open the settings of a guest OS:

VirtualBox Settings

Click the system tab:

System tab

To enable PXE boot you have to configure the following section:

Boot section.

Then use the up and down arrows to set the priority of the network boot feature, as shown above.

Up and Down Arrows

You can create a guest OS that has no hard drive; there is no need for one. In such a configuration make network boot the first on the list. 🙂

Since you intend to use PXE boot, you may consider setting up a LTSP server.

9 thoughts on “PXE Network Boot VirtualBox”

  1. Is there anything that needs to be set on the networking? Is the interface set as NAT, Internal, or something else?

  2. host only adapter or internal are all OK.

    But sometimes, the NIC can not be started for their type. I am confusing with the NIC type picking.

  3. I had to chose the PCnet-FAST III adapter type in the network settings dialog to make PXE boot to work, in addition the bridged adapter choice.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys!
    After using PCnet-FAST III and using bridged, i could start WDS throught PXE (the host was a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine running WDS).
    Another recomendation: Restart the computer after the install/update of VM. Without it, bridge cards do not get the IP from the DHCP server. After rebooting it worked.

  5. Thanks very much, me too change my adapter to bridge and pcnet-fast 111 before i can pxe to wds

  6. I am confused with the correct network type and adapters? Should I use PCnet-FAST III with internal networking for both machines (server and client)?

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