Samsung and Motorola Scroll Bugs in Listview

Samsung and Motorola love to customize android. While recently their new skins are getting better and better they always have little bugs they introduce as a result of their customizations. One issue on most Samsung and Motorola phones is with listview transcript mode normal. Transcript mode is supposed to scroll to the bottom when a notify data set changed is called and only when the last item is visible. What my users report is essentially funny scrolling behavior. While transcript mode normal works beautifully and as expected on Nexus phones, Samsung and Motorola phones are predictably funny using this feature. I’ve contemplated handling scrolling to the bottom manually, but I have yet to implement the change.

Unfortunately because of these manufacturer customization issues I recommend not using transcript mode normal, just handle scrolling manually. These scrolling bugs still exist on Android 4.0 versions of Android.

In the end my recommendation is to BUY Nexus phones. Unfortunately I cannot recommend any Android phone with a custom skin until manufacturers stop butchering Android. Nexus phones are pure Android, without a butchered operating system.

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