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Shady Photo & Video Safe 4.0+ w/ the New LazyLoadingAdapter

Shady Photo & Video Safe 4.0+ is now live on the Play Store.

It’s built on the powerful Lazy Loading Adapter library I published on GitHub for public consumption. The adapter is extremely efficient and versatile. With support for images and video, local paths, remote uris, and ids of media in the phone’s Gallery content provider. The library has built in LRU caching, position highlighting, and a unique single thread blocking structure.

Go ahead, simplify your project, add some fast loading galleries of videos and images, and do it all with a couple of lines of code.


6 Responses to Shady Photo & Video Safe 4.0+ w/ the New LazyLoadingAdapter

  1. jen says:

    More of a question than a comment, with the shady sms 3 app, was interested in it but wanted to know can you still have the contact in your contacts list on phone as well? or are they only shown in app? also can you then use remove any mms sent to app, by sending it somehow back to phones camera roll?

  2. nseidm1 says:

    Yes you can keep the contacts in your regular phonebook. Depending on your phone’s manufacturer you may have a recents tab in your phone app, in that case you’ll want to remove the contacts from your regular phonebook. Shady filters MMS images, video, and audio flawless. Just as reliable as SMS!

  3. allen says:

    i have your programs for htc, but i just bought the iphone 5 and i wanted to know if theres a way to use them on there, its jailbroken also

  4. nseidm1 says:

    Shady, or anything even close to it, is completely 110% impossible even on a jailbroken iPhone. Privacy is impossible on the iPhone.

  5. adrian says:

    Please help, my phone display broke and i want to recover my naughty pics before sending it to repair how can i

  6. nseidm1 says:

    Without a display you can use ADB backup from a computer. Install the Android sdk, then addADB to your path. Use ADB devices from a terminal to see if your device is recognized. Then navigate to your desktop and type adb backup com.project.memoryerrorthree for Shady SMS 3.0, or adb backup com.project.memoryerrorthreepayg for Shady SMS 3.0 PAYG.

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