Shady SMS 21.95

Tonights update includes a reversion of the SMS filtering code to a very stable state. No more missed filtering!

301) Shady has reached 32,000+ lines of code!

***) Shady is now optimized, compressed, and obfuscated

300) Now the contact list background is removed and added in the onstart and onstop, which will improve memory management

299) Moved the sent SMS broadcast receiver unregistration code to the ondestroy, which will allow the bar to be updated even if you move the messager to the background

298) When the messager was closing the default open message thread was set to zero, which would cause undesirable behavior

297) Now the messager stays alive in the background when pressing the home button

296) Removed override for onrotate, which should fix phones with sliding keyboards
295) Added additional condition to incoming MMS thread content observer reactivation code
294) Extracted all main settings, contact menu, and address dialog cleanup code and placed in contact list ondestroy
293) Removed delivery reports for the time being, they may be revisited in the future
292) Reverted incoming SMS dialog to the 16th, which was a completely stable version
291) Removed memory management in contact menu dialog

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