Shady SMS 22.04

312) Added 4 new custom icons. See the bottom of the main settings to configure the new custom notification icons

1) In the main settings is a button at the bottom \”Settings Explanation\”.
2) The call mask feature, and dummy texts are disabled by default now.
3) Set custom notification sounds in the main setting!

311) Fixed up the main settings explanation dialog accessible via the button at the bottom of the main settings
310) Dummy texts are off by default now
309) Added option to the main settings to enable missed call notifications. This option is useful for use with send to voicemail. Most phones send a notification for calls sent to voicemail, others do not
308) By default custom notification icons are off. The default Android SMS icon is now used. Custom notification icons can be turned on in the main settings
307) Added uncaught exception handler to messager, and contact list to catch anything not caught in a thread itself. It will automatically attach the stack trace to an email, please send it to me as everything is pre populated!
306) Added exception handling to login broadcast receiver just in case somehow the outgoing number is null. Go figure sometimes it is and it crashes Shady, but no more

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