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Shady SMS 3.0

So you like Shady SMS 3.0 :-) Excellent, because I like it too. It is by far my best work and now weights in at a whopping 38,554 lines of code. It has come a long way since the release of 1.0 early last year and it’s current iteration is remarkable stable with essentially no known instabilities or outstanding bugs. As everyone know I not only fix stuff at warp speed I add new features almost too frequently. 3.0 has simply because a disturbingly awesome and reliable product with powerful new features including:

  • Touch sensitive drag and drop contact list
  • Innovative alphabetic sorting feature
  • Android Market style swip-able pages
  • Fantastic UI overhaul with a transparent call filters and settings page
  • Croppable HD wallpaper for the contact list and the contact threads
  • Countless new additions including 25 fonts and 19 built in messager themes
  • Tweaks and enhancements to all code establishing a remarkable level of stability
  • Complete compatibility with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • More, more, more……
The list really goes on an on as 3.0 is over twice as much code as the final version of Shady 2.0. It’s almost a completely new application from a code perspective even though some aspects may seem the same. One of the coolest new features is the action bar. Android style guidelines is moving away from use of the menu button, and the action bar, just at the name implies, is a centralized location for select functions. In the action bar is a convenient toggle to enable and disable shady contact notifications, a kinda stealth mode as some of my competitors would like to call it. Also the add contact button and menu buttons are present as expected.
Obviously the most important feature of Shady SMS is the sms and mms filter capacity. Shady’s sms filter is simply flawless, precise, and reliable always. It’s  the end all be all of sms filtering and by far the superior sms filtering design on the Android Market. The only thing that overshadows the sms filter is the mms filtering. Currently there are two mms filters in Shady. The default is the observer filter. After Android downloads the shady mms attachments Shady will filter them at warp speed, and for all practical purposes they won’t be outside of Shady for more than a blink of an eye. Shady’s mms filter now extends from images to video and also text. The second mms filter I call the power download filter. There is nothing at all to see with the power download filter as Shady will handle the entire download process direct from your carriers mms server. It is by far the superior filter, with the only drawback being video support. If video filtering is not a requirement, and images are the only expected mms attachment, the power download filter is simply awesome and far superior to the observer filter.
Overall welcome to Shady 3.0, where what happens in Shady stays in Shady :-)

48 Responses to Shady SMS 3.0

  1. darson says:

    do the text records still show on Verizon bills and online??

  2. GMAN says:

    I was wondering the difference between Shady SMS 3.0 & Shady SMS 3.0PAYG also if i pay the 7.99 do I get to send SMS for free or do I have to purchase shady dollars?

  3. nseidm1 says:

    Yes, I don’t see how sending texts could be done without sending texts :-/

  4. nseidm1 says:

    The paid version is unlimited, free Shady sms’ing to your hearts content.

  5. SON1982 says:

    I would like to completely disable all the notifications including the custom icon in the notification bar. Is this possible?

  6. nseidm1 says:

    Yes, press the bell in the action bar.

  7. wayne says:

    i need to swap my phone out what is the easiest way to get all my pictures to the new phone without losing resolution and size

  8. jeff jones says:

    if i were to look at my bill online will there still be numbers of the people i text using shady sms3.0

  9. nseidm1 says:

    Of course, SMS is SMS and this is Shady “SMS”.

  10. nseidm1 says:

    Just use the backup and restore to SD feature. In Shady SMS press thr wrench in the action bar. In Shady Photo & Video Safe use press the hard drive in the action bar.

  11. ShadyD says:

    Hi, What does the pay version get me over the free version. I don’t see anything about this anywhere. There is a post on your blog where you say the pay version is unlimited. How is the free version limeited. And what are Shady bucks?

  12. nseidm1 says:

    Shady Bucks are used to send sms. It costs 1 Shady Buck to send an sms. You get 3000 free then you can click on ads to get more free Shady Bucks. The paid version is unlimited and has no ads.

  13. Secret Agent47 says:

    Logs of Prior Texts and Calls
    I have Shady SMS 3.0PAYG. Can I hide logs of texts and calls made before installing Shady?

  14. nseidm1 says:

    When you import a contact into Shady the sms, mms, and call history are also imported. Just make sure the proper telephone numbers are set. After importing press the contact and select edit to double check.

  15. grahm ott says:

    Can you please explain how Shady SMS updates delivered via Google Play/Marketplace need to be handled so the hidden application is not revealed? I do not want shady SMS update notices to be shown in the taskbar.

  16. nseidm1 says:

    Simple. Open the Play Store, press menu, settings, and uncheck notifications. Couldn’t be much easier.

  17. Rick says:

    Feature suggestion…….

    I would value seeing the name of the person I’m composing a txt to in the header as a last second confirmation before pressing send, just as some other txt apps do.


  18. nseidm1 says:

    I added the send confirm feature a couple of days ago, and in the next update it will show the users name :-)

  19. Bill says:

    Without sounding completely ignorant about texting I would like to know how to configure shady sms 3.0 so that I eliminate the learning curve. All I ever did in the past was send and receive texts. Any help with instructions on use and what the results are would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Bill says:

    Are there any tutorials on how to set up and use this app. Some guide that tells what happens when you enable or disable functions? Regards

  21. nseidm1 says:

    Shady is a contact list, and any contact on the list is kept discrete. Add contacts to Shady, that’s it :-) Please follow the very minor setup instruction to disable stock notifications, Shady handles all sms mms notifications for the entire phone. Email anytime for support I’m always around to help the best I can.

  22. nseidm1 says:

    Yes, every setting has a blue info button that explains exactly what happens when a setting is turned on an off. The tutorial is baked directly into the application for immediate access.

  23. Priya says:

    I want to see when was the shady application last seen/accessed on my phone. How can I do that?

  24. hans says:

    I would like to know if this is somehow similar to blackbook app? thank you so much!

  25. nseidm1 says:

    Shady is the best blackbook app on Android and has no competition. With years of optimziations and fine tuning, Shady has been overwhelming perfected in countless regards.

  26. nseidm1 says:

    There are no records of that information. A possible feature though, thanks for the suggestion.

  27. hans says:

    thanks! i’ll download and purchase it :)

  28. Bill says:

    Great App! Thanks! Is there a way to change the vibration pattern for regular contacts, like there is the ability to do it with the shady contacts?

  29. Leonel says:

    how to do to restore shady sms to default messager? please Help me

  30. felipe says:

    eu tenho um contato q nao esta funcionando c esse programa,a pessoa me manda a msg e ela vai para a caixa d msg normalmente nao filtra,queria saber o q pode ser isso; será q é pq tenho mtus contatos ja add no programa, me ajude por favor.

  31. Jury says:

    I have killed the don’t kill me app, and now my dailer code doesn’t work!!
    I can’t access my shady sms any more. I tried restarting my HTC phone, but it didn’t work, my dialer killer isn’t working it seems. Where can I restart the app?
    HEEELP :) tnx

  32. Greg says:

    I switched phones and used backup Feature. But when I put the sd card in new phone and hit restore it says no backup available. So I put sd back in old phone and backed it up again and then put it back in new phone and it still said no backup available. Any ideas on what to do to restore?

  33. bob says:

    Is there any way to get Shady SMS outside of the Google Play store? I like Shady, but don’t want it listed in Apps I own in Google Play.

  34. lou says:

    will this work on the latest android os?

  35. GB says:

    Hi, could you confirm what functionality (if any) this offers for call filtering? What happens when people on the Shady list try and call you? Ideally I’d like it to divert to VM and no missed call notification, or at least a subtle one.

  36. nseidm1 says:

    Sure, you can get it from Handster, Opera Apps, and the Samsung Appstore.

  37. nseidm1 says:

    New Android phones cannot use the removable sd card for Play Store apps. Play Store apps can only access the internal sd card. Copy from the removable sd card to your phones sd card (the internal memory). Then Shady will restore just fine!

  38. nseidm1 says:

    As the warnings say, once the app is killed it’s impossible to ever open again without a full uninstall and free reinstall. Have you made a recent Shady backup? Shady has a powerful backup and restore system designed to keep your information available. If your not rooted, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall for free and restore from your Shady backup. If your rooted you can use Titanium Backup to make a backup and do the same procedure.

  39. nseidm1 says:

    Nope, unfortunately I won’t be adding such a feature until a next version. Shady is in real need of a complete re-write which will happen eventually.

  40. nseidm1 says:

    O contato internacional é? Se assim pressione o nome do contato e selecione Editar. Verifique se o seu número de telefone está correto, também, por vezes, o sinal + causa problemas.

  41. nseidm1 says:

    There’s many call filters in Shady. Open Shady and swipe to the left page, it’s called the Call Filter page. You’re likely looking for the Send to Voicemail feature.

  42. frank says:

    how do i restore my sms/mms msgs onto the phone from shady app?

  43. Robin says:


    I just installed Shady SMS PAYG on a Galaxy S2. WHen I try to send an sms using Shady – it says I have no Shady Bucks. Aren’t I supposed to have 3000 for a starter?

  44. nseidm1 says:

    Correct, you get 3000 free Shady Bucks. If you’re device is blocking ads, or your device was previously used by someone else the Shady Bucks may have been depleted or prevented from loading. I recommend rebooting and trying again :-)

  45. nseidm1 says:

    Press the wrench in the action bar and select “Restore Everything”. Make sure the backup file is on the primary storage, likely the internal memory.

  46. DJ says:

    I have shady set on send to voicemail; enabled and when I am on my regular call my shady contact will call me and my phone will ring showing my shady contact wile I am talking how can I fix this and keep shady contacts going to voice mail

  47. nseidm1 says:

    Send to voicemail if your phone’s feature, Shady just makes it easy for you. Does send to voicemail work when you’re not on a call? If so then your phone is designed to ring, when on a call, even when send to voicemail is enabled. If that’s the case, and it’s your phone’s way of implementing send to voicemail then the only thing you can do about it is use the Call Terminator. Press the blue info button next to the Call Terminator to read information how it work. Shady also has 2 root call filters, if your phone is rooted you will see them.

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