Shady SMS Update 21.53

21.53 will be published Friday. It is the first update to go out in over a week. It will contain the following updates;

    The messager now uses 2.2 standard rotation rather than 2.1 standard orientation. The code is not backwards compatible therefore the messager bubbles will not resize on 2.1 devices. The stock theme is entirely unaffected
    Added a description to the send to voicemail dialog that explains how it works. Hopefully this will help people understand how to configure it to work properly
    Shady now supports auto close on screen off. If you forget to close Shady for security reason it now closes automatically when you turn the screen off
    The contacts edit menu now obeys proper memory management rules
    Inproved the main settings dialog to obey proper memory management rules
    Now you can set the contact photo to anything on your sd card
    Added save mms photo as the contacts photo
    Fixed View full mms image that when you close the full view it return back to the messager. Same for save image
    Fixed messager to support new 2.2 landscape orientations

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