VirtualBox Seamless Mode – Windows Programs on a Linux Desktop

VirtualBox comes with the seamless mode option that can be enabled from the machine menu in a guest OS. If Microsoft Windows is the guest OS, and seamless mode is enabled, you will see the Windows taskbar above your Gnome or KDE task bar. You will not see the Windows desktop. Anything you run from the Windows taskbar will be in a window directly on your Linux desktop. Seamless mode is for all practical purposes seamless. All your guest OS applications are not run on a separate window, they are run in their own independent windows on the host OS desktop. It is truly a seamless blending of two operating system. To enbale seamless mode with a hotkey, press your globally defined hotkey and “L”. Take seamless mode to the next level (screenshot available)

3 thoughts on “VirtualBox Seamless Mode – Windows Programs on a Linux Desktop”

  1. I run it the opposite direction, Virtual Linux on a Windows machine. So even windows games work great. Totally awesome!

  2. Having similar problem, booted via Ubuntu and could see the 100gb and 8gb small partitions, but not the larger XFS data partition. I have a 500GB ED Mini…. Even killed the module you suggested… Really dreading the prospect of sending the drive off for $$$ recovery efforts…

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