Identification and Expression of TOP3α in Gerbera hybrida
Publish:Shenchong Li, Ying Cheng, Dan Sun, Lulin Ma, Mingyang Li and Fan Li   Post date: 2020-05-26  Number of visits :3423

Meiotic recombination and the resulting novel allele combinations are fundamental to plant breeding and the identification of superior hybrids. However, the rate of meiotic crossovers is naturally suppressed below its potential ability, which prevents plant breeding efficiency. Nine suppressors of meiotic recombination have been identified in the model plant Arabidopsis and in other crop species. Mutations in these genes can lead to increased recombination frequency and could therefore potentially be used to create hyper-recombinant lines for ornamental breeding. In Gerbera hybrida, the anti-crossover factors remain elusive. In this study, we isolated and cloned TOP3α from flower buds of G. hybrida, and it encoded 935 amino acids with three conserved domains TOPRIM, TOP1Ac and zf-GR. Moreover, TOP3α was the highest expressed at the flower bud stage, which coincided with the occurrence of meiotic recombination, suggesting that TOP3α is associated with the regulation of meiotic recombination in G. hybrida.

Amino acid sequence alignment of TOP3α in different species. Identical amino acids are indicated with a black background. Homology of 75% and 50% is indicated with pink and blue, respectively.