IARI Held the Exchange & Cooperation Meeting with International Tropical Agriculture Research Office of CATAS
Publish:Rui Yanlan  Post date: 2020-06-22  Number of visits :3838

On the morning of June 18, Zeng Xiaohong, who is the deputy director of the International Tropical Agriculture Research Office of the Institute of science and technology information of the CATAS with the party 6 personnel in total came to International Agricultural Research Institute (IARI). Then the exchange and cooperation meeting was held by IARI and the secretary of the Communist Party of IARI Liu Zhenhuan presided over the meeting and 6 science and technology personnel of the IARI participated in.

On the meeting, the secretary Liu Zhenhuan made a welcome speech and introduced the basic situation of IARI and the main overviews of the international agricultural science and technology cooperation of the institute. The 3 science and technology personnel of IARI introduced the detailed information of the agricultural technical assistance (training) sponsored or participated in, the international conferences hosted and Lancang--Mekong cooperation undertaken by our institute. After that, the visiting experts from CATAS introduced the basic information of International Tropical Agriculture Research office team and the international cooperation in agricultural science and technology of the office and CATAS. Finally, the two sides made full exchanges, discussions and experience sharing on topics such as international agriculture, agricultural science and technology cooperation and research, team positioning and development, work achievements and experience in recent years, which enhanced their understanding. Most importantly, they had formed a preliminary willingness for cooperation. After the fully communication, both sides are expected to carry out substantive cooperation in regional collaborative innovation, resource consultation, co-construction and sharing, and joint project application, in order to realize complementary advantages. (reviewed by: Liu Zhenhuan)