International Cooperation Division,International Agricultural Research Institute went to Yunnan pilot free trade zone to carry out research activities
Publish:Xu Lu  Post date: 2020-07-03  Number of visits :3975

On the morning of July 1, 2020, Tao Dayun, director of International Cooperation Division, Li Lu, deputy director of the International Agricultural Research Institute with the party 6 personnel in total went to Kunming Area Management Committee of China (Yunnan) pilot free trade zone of economic development zone to carry out research activities. The investigation was introduced by Kunming Foreign Affairs Office and received by Kunming Economic Development Zone legal / Judicial Bureau.

The survey was conducted in the overseas returnee innovation park of the high-tech economic and technological development zone in the form of exchange and discussion. Zhang Jingmei, director of the legal / Judicial Bureau of Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone, head of Kunming International Commercial Arbitration Service Center, Wang Huiming, vice president of China Arbitration Law Research Institute (legal expert of Arbitration Service Center), and over 20 enterprise representatives of Venture Park attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Zhang Jingmei, director of the Bureau of legal affairs, briefed the establishment of China\'s 18 free trade zones, the construction background of Yunnan free trade zones, the division of the three areas and the functional orientation of the free trade zones. At the same time, he also introduced the advantages of the pilot free trade zones and the  relevant policies of investment attraction, especially the platform construction and work highlights of the "International Commercial Arbitration Service +" mode, which is unique in the whole country and carries out cooperation with South Asia and Southeast Asia. Vice president Wang Huiming analyzed some problems existing in the foreign trade and introduced that the international commercial arbitration is an important mechanism widely used to mediate international investment and trade disputes. He also said that disputes between international agricultural investment and agricultural products import and export trade accounted for a certain proportion in international commercial arbitration.

Director Tao and deputy director Li respectively introduced the basic situation of Yunnan Agricultural Academy Sciences and the development of foreign cooperation in South and Southeast Asia. Through the investigation, both sides believe that there was a large space for cooperation and reach a consensus on signing relevant cooperation agreements.